… the practice of judges rubber stamping …

by expoƒunction

Compare this:

Mrs Justice Pauffley has noticed the practice of judges rubber stamping the wishes of [others] without even so much as checking the information they provide or examining it through a fair hearing. And whilst some may argue that judges rely on ‘experts’ to provide information and guide them on outcomes, the reports provided were never meant to be taken ‘as read’. That has become common practice in our courts and factors such as time pressures and resources are irrelevant here. Breaking procedure is simply not an option.

Judge of The Week: Mrs Justice Pauffley

… with the Scottish Government’s own recent study:

A report can be obtained from someone other than a solicitor, such as a social worker or psychologist, but the majority of reports are prepared by solicitors. These reports are very often the basis for decisions which are made at in interim stage and, of course, almost inevitably become the foundation for the longer-term plans. The bar reporter becomes the ‘eyes and ears’ of the court. The bar reporter has an enormously influential role as it is rare for a decision to be made against the recommendation of such a report.

Child Welfare Hearings: A Scoping Study of the Commissioning,
Preparation and Use of Bar Reports [4.13]